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Elnur ECOSSH Ecombi Solar Smart Storage Heaters​



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The Elnur ECOSSH SOLAR Ecombi Smart Storage Heater represents a revolutionary step in energy-efficient heating technology. This cutting-edge storage heater is designed to harness the power of solar energy, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for heating homes and commercial spaces.


One of the standout features of the Elnur ECOSSH SOLAR is its ability to adapt to the availability of solar energy. By intelligently adjusting its charging cycles, it optimises the use of free solar power when it’s abundant, effectively reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills.


The heater’s high heat retention capability ensures that the heat generated during solar-powered charging is stored and gradually released, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the day and night. With its user-friendly digital controls, you can easily program and customise your heating preferences to align with your daily routines.


Elnur’s dedication to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency is evident in this smart storage heater. The Elnur ECOSSH SOLAR Ecombi Smart Storage Heater not only reduces your carbon footprint but also provides significant energy savings, making it a practical and eco-conscious choice for those looking to adopt a greener approach to heating. Embracing the Elnur ECOSSH SOLAR Ecombi Smart Storage Heater means adopting an advanced, sustainable, and economical heating solution for a more environmentally responsible and cost-effective future.

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